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The most brilliant of metals: our love affair with Silver

Posted on 04 May 2017

Gold often gets all the glory, but we’re equally obsessed with its seductive sister, silver. The two precious metals were both popular ancient currencies boasting incredible beauty, charm, and plasticity. Gold is rarer (and therefore more expensive) but silver’s lower price point and cool lustre makes it a gorgeous accessory for the ages. The metal’s mystique is truly timeless: a common thread in Egyptian, Tibetan, Navajo, Hopi, and pagan cultures was belief in silver’s metaphysical properties and natural healing powers.


Where did silver’s supernatural reputation come from? While gold is the metal of the sun, silver is the metal of the moon. Astrologically, the moon is the ruler of the emotions, and so silver is renowned for its power to increase sensitivity - especially psychic sensitivity (when you need to rely on your intuition, put some silver on!). Silver is the shiniest metal - reflective like the moon and water - and it’s believed to enhance the powers of the moon. In the same way that the moon reflects the sun, silver reflects and repels negativity from the person wearing it. You can don silver as a protective talisman, shielding you from harm and evil. The most reflective of metals is also thought to mirror our souls, summoning calm and balance.


Here at Eyestunnish, we consider silver both muse and collaborator. It’s a special metal that always lights up a creative spark (or a creative lightning bolt!), resulting in avant-garde rings with unique features like an open style, double-ring feature, and baguette-cut edginess. We’re in love with our incredible silver earrings, with stunning design elements like dangling-multi chains, hanging chandeliers, angular rectangle hoops, feather spirals, and charms (that’s right, charms aren’t only limited to bracelets, you can wear them on your ears!). If you’re into silver chains, we’ve got some gorgeous multichain necklaces and amazing tasseled necklaces to explore. Also - did you know that this miraculous metal can enhance and channel the energy of precious gemstones, or any other material? We love how gorgeously silver offsets mother of pearl in this gorgeous flower earring set, in this turquoise necklace, and the stunning contrast with black zirconia in these flame design cuffs and handmade necklace, and these incredible white zirconia cluster cuffs - oh, and we can’t forget this dreamy, one-of-a-kind silver-and-leather bracelet. Silver never fails to provide inspiration: we just love how this powerful healing agent and force for good in the world can also look so damn fashionable. 

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