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Evil Eye Talismans

Posted on 08 June 2017

Have you ever had the unsettling sensation that someone, somewhere, is looking at or thinking of you with a malevolence? You might not even know exactly who they are or what you did to cause their anger, but they definitely don’t wish you well! You may have experienced a case of the Evil Eye, a special look given to inflict harm. Some even believe it’s a curse that causes misfortune, bad luck or injury. The Evil Eye symbol is thousands of years old and can be found across Judeo-Christian, Muslim, Buddhist & Hindu societies. Of course, there are many out there who believe “curses” are unscientific and illogical -- yet we can all agree there are people with bad energy, and people with good energy. Think of Evil Eye jewelry as a kind of magic talisman, a force shield that blocks bad energy and deflects it. We can wear Evil Eye beads as necklaces or bracelets, and use them as a protection against evil forces, whatever their nature (bad luck, bad health, bad finances...the list goes on!). Wearing the beautiful magic objects or keeping them around you is an easy way to feel like you’re repelling the negativity, and staying positive.


At Eyestunnish, we have crafted a spectacular designer line of Evil Eye jewelry in a variety of precious metals for every kind of taste. Our Evil Eye jewelry comes in a range of different styles, all classic yet updated with modern and trendy twists. We’ve got a cutting-edge take on the Evil Eye in the form of a gorgeous teardrop pendant, rose-gold plated and nontraditional, and a more classic pendant plated with turquoise gold. We’re in love with our chic Evil Eye bracelets, which come in charming red, blue, green and patterned simpler designs, and also in charm bracelet form, with exquisite white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold options - to name just a few bestselling choices.


While Evil Eye amulets and pendants are always incredibly popular, millions of people are carrying around an Evil Eye right now and don’t even know it. If you have an American dollar bill in your pocket, check out the left circle on the back (the one with the picture of the pyramid). Now look at the top of the pyramid: an all-seeing eye floats above. Some believe this indicates the presence of God, watching over America. Others believe it to be an Evil Eye that repels bad luck. Either way, that the designer thought to put it on the dollar bill speaks to the power of superstitions and the importance of summoning all the luck you can. Carry around a little more luck starting today with a lovely Eyestunnish piece!


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